Thursday, November 15, 2012

Made by , that is the name of my new concept.
Under that I will create all sorts of beautiful things and promote other artists and creative souls. 
My garden house has during the last few weeks been transformed to 

- an atelier where I paint 
 - a place where I can create flower arrangements 
and hold courses
- where you can see work of other creative minds and get inspired
- a shop

With hope to soon grow and give space to more creative people 

With a touch of Scandinavia , 
the nordic light and the simplicity of the nordic life stile.

I sell some great carefully picked items, fresh flowers on order and on the top floor I have my studio were I paint.
I am always looking for new things and 
people to add value to my space of creativity.

I hope you will enjoy following my blog and that I can add a bit of inspiration to your daily life.

This is Made by Alexandra