Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Kitchen, white and light!

Before and after pictures of our kitchen. 
We live in a 100 year old house, when we did our new kitchen we wanted a big surface with lots of light. We are a family of five and we very often have family and friends around the house. Therefore it was important with a kitchen with big working space and a place to gather around. 
It was a difficult room to plan as no walls are straight and we had almost no full walls for cupboards. We decided to focus on light and put in 2 meter high windows, as they are so big we put 
giljotine windows ,when you open them you feel like you are outside. 

The old floor was beautiful but had to go as we wanted floor heating and isolation. The new floor is also a concrete floor and adds a soft feeling to the contemporary kitchen.  
The wall color is called cemento.

Together with Denis Margot , , we design a kitchen that suited our needs. 
the result is fantastic. All furniture is built on place and we used Hi-mac for the work spaces. We lowered the ceiling to place speakers and lights. Denis constructed a "box" for the fan to get it on the right height. We decided on two ovens one steam oven and one normal oven. The are both used daily. 

 The kitchen Island that sits 6 people  have a drawer fridge and a drawer for toaster and cornflakes. All to make family life simple. We find ourselves around the Island very often , cooking together ,talking and eating. The Island has 4 plugs under the table to easily plug in kitchen tools .

The only high cupboard in the kitchen holds the bread machine and the microwave. 

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  1. Just super! And hope to have many many other sit-downs in your beautiful kitchen! (-: