Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumn Glory

Apples, Juice, Veggies, Flowers and Decoration.

Autumn is here and the air is a bit colder. 
From being outside most of the time we now move in, light a fire, cook a soup, make juice. 
Now is the time to enjoy all the autumn veggies, the beautiful colours, candle light and why not folding books. I will take the opportunity to decorate with fruits and veggies. 
Now I want to be creative, dark autumn evenings are the best for workshops with the kids or with friends, I will pick some leaves on my way home for the table, put the kale in a big bowl like a flower arrangement (it will last a few days and after it's a lovely dinner). Once again , simple is beautiful, decoration is everywhere, just outside your window. 
You only have to see it.

Härliga Höst! 

Enjoy your day

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