Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas DIY

Making Christmas Decorations

We are in Christmas mood at home. Its been a lot of old books and newspaper DIY this year, also a lot of recycling , old yoghurt jars and toilet paper rolls. 
I find it good to not buy lots of material and the things the kids make are really nice. 
We made our own candles in yoghurt jars. 
Old books became nice candle covers with stamps. 
We also made angels of books and flags for the christmas tree. 

We will continue this week to make wreaths for the windows and doors. 
(Also making Limoncello as I know quite a few that appreciates that as a christmas present.)

The time before christmas is over before you know it so better profit now. 

Have a lovely week! 

The Calendar  this year  is a wooden box with presents wrapped in japanese newspaper. All the gifts bought during my trip in Tokyo. (Well except the one for my husband, he is happiest if he gets beer. )

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