Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Flower workshop at home

 As you know we are using our house for a lot of different activities, 
yesterday started with a Flower Workshop for 5 lovely ladies. 
There is something special with flowers, sometimes i miss having a flower shop you quickly forget how tough it is to wake up at 4 in the morning and how tiring it is to work weekends and holidays when you see all the flowers. 
Having a workshop every now and then keeps flowers in my life. And I really like it.

 We started with cutting the flowers, it is more difficult than you think if you never done it before and more important that you think to make your flower keep as long as possible. We also talked about water temperature and binding. The ladies quickly got a hold of it and created nice arrangements. 
The weather was not with us but we got a little bit of spring feeling touching and smelling the first tulips of the year. 


Cutting , an art in itself. 

The smallest participant enjoying a croissant when mummy arranged flowers. 

The ladies with finished work after a nice morning of creativity. 
Thank you for coming!

 Now we are redoing the house for a film shoot starting tomorrow.
I love seeing our house transforming and being used for different artistic activities. 

Enjoy your day !

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