Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tänk att vi fick man vara med i Sköna Hem

Last week our home was presented in Sweden's most sold interior decoration magazine , i must admit that I am very proud. It is always nice to get some credits after all the work done, even if you decorate your home for yourself and your family, it is a pleasure to be able to inspire others. A lot of sweat and tears were spilled during our renovation, sleepless nights and heavy work and we are far from finished. But one step at a time , it is also a fact that a house is never finished. 
But we got through the roughest period 
( sleeping in the basement without shower or electricity for 6 weeks) and here is the result. 4 year after we bought this house we are happy that we where crazy enough to throw ourselves in to an enormous renovation project (without budget) and just thinking that it will work out. 
Now we look forward to do our garden and a new atelier.  
Have a look at the latest issue of Sköna Hem for more pictures of our house. 

And thank you for following our story! 

Thanks to Mari Strenghielm and Lina Östling

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