Thursday, November 3, 2016


Food food food, I have to admit that a lot in my life turns around food. I love food, I love cooking and I love having the house full of people for dinner. But I don't like cooking lunch for myself on weekdays, I am not inspired at all and then i often end up eating a piece of bread or an egg. But now i have a new routine in the house, I cook all my lunch on Sundays. It takes me about one hour and then I have a lovely lentil salad and some sauce to go with it. I make an enormous pot and it lasts all week , it even becomes better for everyday as the herbs and spice grow in taste. 
One of my favorits are brown lentils with plenty of herbs, usually parsley and coriander.
I fill it with crunchy veggies such as selleri, fennel, onion, peppers, kale ( whatever I have at home) If I have I love to add pomegranat.  
Then I add a big pinch of cumin. I make a sauce of lemon , ginger,chili, honey and soya , salt and pepper. 
Mix it all together and "voila" healthy lunch for a week. 

Sometimes in the autumn I make a tomato beetroot or pumpkin  "stew" to put on top ( warm) 
just cook tomatoes and beetroot/pumkin in the pan with chili and onion and garlic until a little bit soft add some black pepper. Yummi! 

During the week I eat my lentil salad with  an egg,  a salad or an avocado or with the beetroot/tomato stew, this gives me plenty of energy and vitamins and I dont have to worry about eating healthy eveyday!

So spending time to save time, if that makes sense to anyone...

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