Friday, April 21, 2017

From one renovation project to another

Easter was special this year

From a warm sunny Belgium to a cold but beautiful Sweden.
From one renovation project to another.
I spent my Easter meeting family and friends, planning for new projects, painting kitchen doors, choosing wall colours and of cours eating eggs and drinking bubbles. It was everything from cleaning a barn, the kids putting all different chairs and tables together to make room for friends in a house where we have nothing, painting some doors asking people to take care when they where passing to help in the kitchen. Dreaming about wallpapers and colours. Making fires to keep warm. Convincing the kids that wifi and TV is overestimated.  
And back to Brussels for Easter celebration again in another setting with tablecloth and dinner cooked by someone else. Speaking another language with other traditions. Very happy to feel home in both countries,  and the differences makes you appreciate things even more.
I will be back in Sweden renovating in July. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer by then.


  1. Dear Alexandra I just read about your stunning home in a previous issue of Elle Decoration and I just wanted to say how truly beautiful it looks: you are a true inspiration!! Do you mind me asking what material work tops you used in your kitchen and where in the Netherlands you found the tiles? We're doing a big renovation project ourselves of a 1890's Victorian home in England (but Im from the Netherlands originally). Thank you Alexandra! Kind regards, Nicoline

    1. Hi Nicoline,
      Sounds wonderful with a renovation project in an old house , you are going to have so much fun and time after time you will most likely ask yourself why you are doing this , but it’s worth it in the end;)
      Our tiles are as mentioned bought from your home country , I can’t really recommend them though as we had some problems after the delivery. I have heard very good about if you want a Dutch company. Otherwise I think you are better off finding nice cement tiles in England.Make sure to buy a few extra if they break. Also make sure you treat them well according to instructions otherwise you will get stains easily,we have seen this at friends places. For the kitchen we used Hi-Mac, slightly harder than corian. We built the bench in mdf and covered it with Hi-Mac. So it looks like a 5 cm thick bench. It’s great, easy to clean ,soft and comes in all colours you can imagine. We choose to have the sink under glued in stainless, ( I have the impression things don’t break as easy then) but you could also continue the Hi-Mac in the sink. Enjoy your renovation!

    2. Thank you Alexandra that's incredibly helpful! So kind of you to take the time to send a reply. I hadn't heard of Hi Mac before sounds like it's definitely worth looking into! We wont be able to install/fabricate the work tops ourselves though so I hope it will be cost effective. Thank you again! Good luck with your latest project xx

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